Khrystyna and Temur

A wedding in sunny Georgia


To be witnesses of the depth of love and care shared by the couple is one of the most brilliant impressions. It always reminds of the most important things…

It’s a reminder of what means to be alive, to love and to be loved.


“The most difficult thing in the whole process of preparation for a wedding for me and my husband was to choose a videographer and a photographer, as we understand that human memory tends to forget stuff, that’s why we wanted to find professionals who would help us to live through that day again and again and feel the same range of emotions. Alex, we are sincerely thankful to you and your wife for seeing us the way you did it. It’s so subtle that you start to realize that a skill of just keeping a camera in your hand is not enough, you need to gently feel with your heart and be a good psychologist.

Every video of yours is a firework that explodes with light, bright emotions and gives birth to love. Our video wasn’t an exception. Wish you creativity – keep going ahead and up.”


Khrystyna and Temur