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AlexRud Films – we are Alex and Alex, husband and wife, a family. We have been creating videos for over six years and have filmed over a hundred weddings. For us these are not mere numbers; in every video we make, we put a piece of ourselves. Apart from videographers, we are also musicians so it is important to us to always take considerable time to find and pick the right soundtrack to a video. After all, it’s our belief that it’s the music influencing the atmosphere of a video.
For many years while working on wedding videos, we have been experimenting with just about everything possible. From the change of equipment and the shooting technique, to color correction and sound processing. After a while we started to understand what we like and what we don’t like. We avoid all kinds of templates and boring footage because we always try to tell an individual story without memorized phrases and cheap, staged shots.
Our videos came in first in the annual professional award Weva UaAward 2017 on the international site WEVA:
- Winner in “Best Videographer” category;
- Winner in “Best Cameraman” category;
- Winner in “Best Pilot” category;
- Winner in “Best Colorist” category.
However, the best reward we can receive are your positive comments on our work.
We would be very happy to get to know you and to capture the most important moments of your lives, your feelings and emotions and your love for each other.
We like travelling a lot and we are ready to consider all of your propositions to create a stunning video in the most extraordinary places. Our couples are not just "clients" but also our colleagues, since together we try to open their personal, remarkable world.

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